Musical Beats

Musical Beats are progressive, educational and motivating classes for babies to preschoolers, designed around the EYFS curriculum, using instruments, puppets & props.  We rhyme🎵 sing play percussion instruments🥁musical games🎹 discover and explore what is in the Song Sack🕵️collect bubbles☝️and dance💃 to music ranging from classical🎻 to jazz🎷 while having loads of fun and learning lots!💡

All activities are age-appropriate, educational, and most of all fun!

There is a wide body of research that confirms the benefits of music-making and singing from babyhood. It helps foster creativity, co-operation, listening, communication and language skills, as it plays a vital role in children’s social, emotional and neurological development.

This fun-packed, high quality, educational experience that babies, children, parents & grandparents love, provides a host of benefits:-
* Quality time with your child and lovely moments for bonding 💕
* Well structured & progressive programme 💡
* Thorough introduction to a wide range of musical genres and instruments 🎹 🥁 🎵
* Lots of ideas to use at home, in the car and during transition times 👍 🛌 🚗
* Inclusive, warm, friendly atmosphere to meet and have fun with other parents and children 🕺 ☺️

Making music together feels good, helps with learning to play in time and sing in tune, assists language and communication skills by lighting up new areas of the brain, develops firm foundations for learning to read and write, boosts the immune system, and on top of all that, it also builds confidence, sense of wellbeing and self-esteem!  Help your child find their voice 🎵


Please get in touch with Helen to reserve a place in the musical crew ☺️🎶
Mobile: 07887 590325