Mammas & Beans

Mummas & Beans offers a range of Antenatal classes and workshops as well as a range of age appropriate Baby classes. Our baby classes are relaxed and baby led and range from birth to walking. We run all of our baby classes from Wrecclesham Community Centre on Mondays. Our class list, term dates and timings are below.

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“Mummas Newborn” – Suitable from birth – Mondays 14:00 – 15:00
A gentle hour long class allowing you to get out of the house, make some friends and learn a little bit about how to care for your newborn. Class is entirely baby led and your baby can sleep, feed, poop or cry for the duration of the class and it will not be an issue! We eat cake and chat about a different educational point each week making this class a wonderful source of support and information for mums. Over the course we will cover; Colic, Reflux, Early Days Baby Massage and Baby Reflexology and more.

Baby Massage – Suitable from 8 weeks up to 5 months – Mondays 12:45 – 13:45
A wonderful hour long class incorporating gentle, positive massage, social time for baby and social time for mum.
Giving you the opportunity to focus entirely on your baby and bond over positive touch. Working on baby’s vestibular and proprioceptive system encouraging physical and mental development in an entirely age appropriate way. Letting you meet other mums who have babies of a similar age to encourage friendships and an all important support network

Sensory Baby Yoga: Stage 1 – Suitable from 4 months – Crawling – Mondays 11:30 – 12:15
This 45 minute session is lively, sensory & fun! As popular with mums as it is with babies! The class give you an opportunity to bond with your little one whilst singing, moving and playing together. We move baby and sing to them to stimulate baby’s vestibular system, inhibitory control system and proprioceptive system. We play “What’s in the box” and explore sensory props and toys to stimulate their senses. And we do all of this in an entirely age appropriate way. Encouraging babies physical and mental development without overstimulating or putting any pressure on them whatsoever. We always work to baby’s abilities and all of our classes contain activities appropriate for the age range. Repetitive songs and routines, mean the class becomes familiar to your baby and allows baby to feel secure and empowered by the class routine.

Sensory Mummas – Suitable from Sitting – Walking – Mondays 10:00 – 11:00
This class combines music, movement and mess allowing your little one to experience every kind of sensory stimulation in one lively session. Themed each week we begin with a fun, sensory music session, followed by a messy play session, all based around the same theme.

Our next term dates are:-
25th February for 6 weeks
8th April for 5 weeks (please note there will not be a class running on 22nd April or 6th May)
3rd June for 6 weeks
29th July for 4 weeks

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